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"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  
National EMS Memorial Service

The Memorial Service Weekend

The National EMS Memorial Service is not a single event but rather encompasses a number of events spanning three days, all centered around and leading up to the Saturday evening ceremony known as "the National EMS Memorial Service."

The weekend officially begins at 2:00 pm Friday afternoon with the opening of the Memorial Service's Registration Area the commencement of "check-ins" at the Antlers Hilton. Family members, agency members, dignitaries, honor guards, and other attendees arrive, check in, register and get settled in before the first major event of the weekend. . . . Friday evening is free time for attendees and many use this period to take in the sites, sounds and cuisines of the host city.

Later in the evening many of those not availing themselves of the local night life, will likely gravitate toward the lounge at the hotel for an informal gathering. While this event is not an official function, it has become something of a tradition for attendees over the years and we have discovered that it is a great way for family, agency members and other attendees to get to know one another in an informal setting. If only the hotel staff would get over their objections to people playing the bagpipes at 1 am. . . .

Saturday morning brings a number of activities. Registration reopens at 9:00 am and rehearsals begin with the honor guards up first.

The Memorial Service hosts a family Luncheon. This is for all family members. A light luncheon is served while Memorial Service staff provide an overview of the Memorial Service. Those family members accepting recognition should make every effort to attend this event as it also serves as the rehearsal for those family members.

The final event leading up to Saturday evening's Memorial Service is the 1:00 pm Program Rehearsal at the Pikes Peak Center. This is the rehearsal for all program participants and agency members who will be serving as usher/escorts. Immediately following the rehearsal.

Seating for the Service begins at 5:00 pm and the National EMS Memorial Service itself begins at 6:00 pm. Immediately following the Service the National EMS Memorial Service Board of Directors hosts a reception for all attendees.

Sunday morning is our annual Family Breakfast. This is a ticketed event open only to family and friends of our honroees, and to invited guests. Breakfast service begins at 7:30 am and the program commences at 8:00 am and ends at 10:00 am, which brings the weekend to a close for most attendees.

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the National EMS Memorial Service is held shortly following the Family Breakfast. Any person having business to bring before the Board should plan to be on hand for this meeting.