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"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  
National EMS Memorial Service

2014 Notices of EMS Fatalities

Paramedic Micheal Howard
Date of Death:September 13, 2014
Date of Funeral:TBA
Agency:Jewett EMS Inc, Jewett, TX
Cause of Death:Cardiac event on scene
EMT Larry Britton
Date of Death:September 8, 2014
Date of Funeral:TBA
Agency:Charleston County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Charleston, SC
Cause of Death:On duty cardiac
Paramedic Steve Phillips
Date of Death:May 20, 2014
Date of Funeral:TBA
Agency:FirstHealth Regional EMS, Chesterfield, SC
Cause of Death:On Duty Cardiac
Paramedic Raymond Bernard Allison
Date of Death:February 11, 2014
Date of Funeral:February 15, 2014
Agency:Sterling County EMS, Sterling City, TX
Cause of Death:Ambulance involved motor vehicle collision
Paramedic Gerald "Garry" Hammer
Date of Death:January 31, 2014
Date of Funeral:February 4, 2014
Agency:Parkview LaGrange EMS, LaGrange, IN
Cause of Death:On Duty Cardiac

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If your agency suffers a fatality, you may use our Submission Form to provide the information required for posting of a notice on this page. A Notice of EMS Fatality will be posted to this page and the Service mailing list as soon as the submission is verified.

If for some reason you can not use this form, please contact Kevin Agard.

The posting of a Notice of EMS Fatality is for notification purposes only. It is based upon information submitted to the National EMS Memorial Service regarding the death of an EMS provider which may be in the Line of Duty but which has not yet been fully investigated by us.

The posting of a Notice of EMS Fatality does not indicate acceptance to the National EMS Memorial Service. Inclusion in the National EMS Memorial Service requires that a nominee meet the NEMSMS Criteria, a careful review of information on the Nomination Form and from all other sources, and an affirmative vote of the National EMS Memorial Service Board of Directors.