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"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  
National EMS Memorial Service

2011 Honor Guard and Pipe & Drum Corps

Each year, the National EMS Memorial Service Honor Guard and National EMS Memorial Service Pipe & Drum Corps are formed from varying EMS agency personnel from around the United States. The 2011 participants were:

Honor Guard Commander:

Assistant Honor Guard Commander:

Honor Guards:

Pipes & Drums:


Information for Honor Guards and Pipe & Drum Corps Wishing to Participate in Future Memorial Services

Honor Guards, Pipe & Drum Bands and Buglers wishing to participate in an upcoming National EMS Memorial Service must submit a Letter of Intent on your agency's or organization's letterhead indicating your interest to our Honor Guard Coordinator, Jack Glass before March 31st preceding the Memorial Service in which you wish to participate.

Organizations considering participation should be aware that the commanders will be required to attend a Commander's Meeting on the Friday evening preceding the Memorial Service and that all members are required to attend a rehearsal at the Memorial Service venue at 0900 Saturday morning.

Participating personnel must be flexible and able to integrate into a merged honor guard consisting of members from varying organizations from around the nation.

Commanders of interested organizations should contact Jack Glass for additional information.